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In addition to possible safety problems, there are concerns that the study was poorly done and doesn't actually show that chelation works. In the study, researchers divided the patients into two groups. One group of 839 patients received 40 infusions of a chemical drug solution called disodium edta. Another group of 869 patients received infusions with a placebo solution of salt and sugar water. Neither the patients nor the doctors knew who was receiving which treatment. Among the patients receiving chelation, 26 went on to have a cardiovascular event, such as death, heart attack or stroke. Among the placebo group, 30 went on to have a cardiovascular event. According to the authors' analysis, this four-percentage-point difference was barely statistically significant, leading Lamas to note that the difference may have been by chance, not because chelation actually worked.

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"Every now and then somebody will get killed he added. Kalidas, the doctor who practices chelation, disagreed, saying this study would help - not hurt - patients. "Chelation has been lifesaving for hundreds of my patients he said. Dangerously low calcium levels, according to the mayo clinic, some doctors think chelation helps heart patients because the medication being infused into patients binds to calcium in their clogged arteries, sweeping it away. But "sweeping" calcium away is a double-edged sword. While it might help unclog coronary arteries, it might also lead to deadly low calcium levels in the blood, as happened to the three people whose deaths were described in the cdc report. That's one reason why the national Institutes of health required that the infusions be done at a slow rate - over a period of three hours or more - so problems like low calcium levels could be caught easily. In a series of letters to the study's authors, the department of health and Human grijze Service's Office for Human Research Protection cited several concerns about the study, including that the researchers hadn't followed the rules about doing the infusions at a slow rate. In one letter, the government overseers expressed concern that infusions were performed in "shorter than recommended" times in 440 instances, involving 251 subjects. The study was stopped prof from September 2008 until June 2009 to respond to the government's concerns. A question of significance.

Each time he gave quentin a chezone treatment (ten in all, one per day he also ozonated his foot. After about two weeks, the foot was much improved; the area between the ankle and gangrenous toe had healed which meant only the toe would have to be amputated. After the surgery, quentin hurt his foot in such a way that the stitches broke open and a large ulcerating sore formed. His doctors talked about amputation again, but after another six weeks of chezone and foot ozonation treatments, quentin's foot healed again. Following the first two weeks of intensive warm treatments,. Shallenberger gave him a chezone once weekly and foot ozonation three times weekly. In ensuing months, quentin received maintenance treatments.

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In this new study, one patient receiving the machoire therapy died and another had a "severe adverse event." Both events were "possibly or definitely related to study therapy according to the study author's slide presentation. A patient who received a placebo solution also died, and another had an adverse event. It wasn't clear from the presentation exactly how the patients were harmed, and Lamas, the lead study author, declined to answer questions about the study until the research is published in a medical journal. Some doctors worry patients will hear only the positive results of the study and not the possible dangers, and would opt for it over proven treatments such as bypass surgery. "I'm fearful achillespees that patients will hear the sales pitch for this treatment and, not being well-versed in medicine, will succumb to the seduction of this therapy said Nissen, adding that chelation might sound more appealing than an invasive procedure like bypass surgery. In an article about the chelation trial, Atwood and his colleagues labeled the 30 million study funded at taxpayer expense by the federal National Institutes of health "unethical, dangerous, pointless, and wasteful" and called for it to be abandoned. "These new study results will encourage chelationists, and state medical boards will be loath to step in because the chelationists have this study on their side said Atwood, a clinical assistant professor of anesthesiology at Tufts Medical Center.

This in turn improves their metabolic rate (energy processing efficiency) and enables them to make better use of glucose (blood sugar). When you have higher efficiency in using glucose, you are much closer to controlling the diabetes naturally, says. Using ozone, as stated above, helps the patient utilize the available oxygen better, due to improved circulation. Combining Chelation with ozone in effect doubles the circulation benefits. In addition to chezone,. Shallenberger put an ozone extremity bag around quentin's right foot, filled it with ozone gas, and left it in place for 20 minutes. In this way, the ozone was absorbed through the skin, an approach that has proven successful in treating chronic sores and skin ulcers, says.

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His diabetes was poorly controlled, mainly because he was reluctant to comply with dietary restrictions, says. Specifically, he didn't want to give up drinking beer. Even with a daily dosage of four Micronase pills (another blood sugar-controlling drug quentin's blood sugar level was around 230; a safe, normal level ranges between 70 and 120. Shallenberger already had worked with quentin for two years, prescribing dietary changes, herbs, and supplements, but when quentin developed gangrene on the third toe of his right foot and conventional doctors were behandeling scheduling him for amputation at the ankle,. Shallenberger decided to try ozonation.

"Quentin's toe was completely black and they were going to amputate cardiac his entire foot because the rest of the tissue was on the borderline of becoming gangrenous, too he notes. For quentin's treatment,. Shallenberger added another element to the ozonation procedure: chelation. The Chelation would help improve quentin's blood circulation by removing heavy metals and arterial plaque. Shallenberger calls his combined treatment "chezone.". Chelation improves blood circulation to the tissues, he explains, which means they get more oxygen.

Diabetics always run the risk of complications, such as loss of vision, heart disease, nerve dysfunction, and gangrenous limbs. Diabetics usually have considerable circulation problems such that the actual blood flow to their tissues is diminished, explains. Patients often have difficulty digesting fats (such as cholesterol and triglycerides) and their arteries tend to thicken and harden. "This is compounded by the fact that what little blood reaches their tissues is less effective than it should be and is unable to deliver oxygen to those tissues says. "The tissues become oxygen depleted, which explains why diabetics have problems with gangrene and why they're unable to resist infections.". A prime reason the red blood cells in the diabetic's blood are unable to release their oxygen is that a key molecule called 2,3-diphosphoglycerate, or 2,3-dpg for short, is in reduced supply.

Under normal conditions, 2,3-dpg stimulates red blood cells which carry oxygen to deliver it to the tissues; but if there isn't enough of this molecule in the system, the red blood cells can't deliver the oxygen. When you introduce ozone-that is, more oxygen-into the blood, more 2,3-dpg is produced and the oxygen-delivery system and the efficiency of blood circulation start to improve. The ozone also appears to enhance the activity of cellular metabolism, the continual conversion of food into energy. Shallenberger likens the metabolism-heightening effect of ozone to a similar benefit to diabetics obtained through vigorous exercise. It oxygenates the tissues and gets all the body processes running better, he says. Levels of atp, an important molecule which stores energy in the cells, are also enhanced through ozonation. Among other functions, atp helps each cell maintain the integrity of its membrane, thereby enabling it to regulate the passage of materials into and out of the cell, says. If the cell membrane collapses, the cell dies; if a lot of cells die you start getting tissue death, and gangrene becomes a possibility. Gangrene in a toe was a serious diabetic complication besetting quentin,.

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He drew 150 cc of Virginia's blood then injected it with ozone gas. Ozonating the sample of Virginia's blood took about 40 minutes, after which it was re infused into her body. He did this daily to address the cancer. Shallenberger in this case was that not only the breast cancer responded to ozonation (it started to dissolve) but so did Virginia's diabetes. Her blood sugar levels began dropping too low (a condition called hypoglycemia) indicating that the ozone and Glucotrol were controlling her blood sugar too well. Shallenberger reduced her Glucotrol dosage to once daily, then soon after, as the low blood sugar trend continued, eliminated the drug altogether. "Practically speaking, virginia didn't have douleur diabetes any longer notes. How did ozone bring her diabetes under control?

(Please read the related Article: 552 Million people could have diabetes by 2030 you don't normally think of oxygen as a treatment for diabetes, but according to Frank Shallenberger,. M.D., director of the nevada center of Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine in Carson City, nevada, ozone (a less stable, more benen reactive form of oxygen) can produce remarkable improvements in both the major and secondary symptoms of adult- onset diabetes. The connection between the ozone and diabetes is the blood circulation,. Shallenberger says, as demonstrated in the following cases. Virginia, 51, had been diabetic for five years and was taking Glucotrol, an oral medication for controlling blood sugar levels. However, virginia came. Shallenberger seeking treatment for recurrent breast cancer, a tumor that periodically grew then diminished. Shallenberger decided to ozonate her blood as ozone is often used as a healing substance in alternative cancer treatments.

the food and Drug Administration for the treatment of lead poisoning, but doctors are free to use it for other purposes. "I'll be pushing this data to my patients, and I'll be reaching out to local cardiologists, because chelation should be a part of the regular regimen for heart patients, like taking an aspirin or a statin said. Kirti kalidas, who charges his heart patients in Orlando, florida, around 3,000 for a full round of chelation treatments. This enthusiasm is exactly what frightens many doctors. Chelation is already popular - more than 100,000 people said they'd used it in the past 12 months, according to a 2007 report from the centers for Disease control and Prevention - and they fear the new study results will encourage more people to use. In 2006, the cdc reported that two children and one adult had died after receiving chelation. They all developed dangerously low calcium levels, which can cause the heart to stop beating.

Steven Nissen, chair of the department of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, who doubts the results of the study. A doctor with the American heart Association warned that the results "should not be ajax interpreted as an indication to adopt chelation therapy into clinical practice." The study) raises more questions that must be answered before we're ready to act on the observations reported today said. Elliott Antman, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. Even the lead author of the study tempered his enthusiasm about the results by warning that they might not be valid. "The most exciting part of this study is that there may be an unexpected signal of benefit. Gervasio lamas, chief of Columbia university division of Cardiology at mount Sinai medical Center in miami beach, Florida, said in a press release put out by the American heart Association. "We need to understand whether the signal is true, or whether it occurred by chance.".

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Story highlights, chelation therapy for heart patients involves a series of iv drug infusions. A new study shows the therapy was effective at preventing heart problems. But some experts are challenging the validity of the study and its results. The study "raises more questions that must be answered says one expert. In results that are stunning cardiologists, a new study shows a "fringe" alternative treatment for heart disease was found to be very effective at preventing heart problems - but the report is so controversial even its lead author is questioning the results. The patients in the study had had heart attacks, and were lips assigned to receive either a placebo or a series of intravenous drug infusions called chelation therapy, an unorthodox treatment that has long been looked down upon by cardiologists. In the report - the first large, long-term trial of chelation for heart patients - the therapy reduced the risk of heart attacks, deaths, strokes and other cardiovascular problems. "If this were true, it would be significant. It would put this therapy in the same ballpark as high blood pressure drugs, or drugs used to lower cholesterol said.

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chezone therapy review
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It s unclear whether chelation therapy can treat heart disease. Chelation therapy has been used for many years as a treatment for mercury and lead poisoning. Therapy, carson City nv - alternative, treatment.

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